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Spare Hands is an Atlanta based home organization company that can transform any space, optimizing the function with creative design and decor. No matter how small or unique your project is, we always welcome a challenge! 

At Spare Hands we understand how easily time gets away from us. Life is unpredictable. Despite our best efforts, our homes get cluttered during the craziness of our day to day routines. Let us create a design that will exceed your home organization goals. If you need an extra set of hands to organize your bathroom cabinets or find the best way to organize your home holiday decor, contact us. Our home organization coordinator will find the materials to organize your space without breaking the bank. If you have the materials to organize and just do not have the time, let us be your spare hands. With an attentive coordinator like ours we will exceed your expectations of how easy life can be with a  personal Home Organizer.

Our Story


Working moms and dads! Have you ever had a list of things you wanted to get done in your home throughout the year and time goes by, but nothing gets done? Rearranging clothing closets for the different seasons and kids who are growing like weeds, going through toys, sorting and filing the piles of papers that are stacking up on the counters. Balancing life can be tough. The creation of Spare Hands started while I was in the child care field. Working as a nanny, you see how busy parents are and cannot blame them for wanting to come home from work and just be with their children. Who wants to miss those small moments because of organizing and cleaning?

I developed a mentality of being the extra set of hands parents needed. My goal was to take on those organization projects for the families I was working with so they would not miss the moment with their children that will be lasting memories. No task too small or too large I would not take on. Over the years, my organization skills developed and it became one of the main characteristics that stood out to families when I interviewed with them. After moving to Atlanta from Massachusetts and working as a child care provider for different families in the area, my desire to be that extra set of hands grew. Spare Hands was born! Let's work together to de-clutter your home and create the tranquil, stress free environment you desire. You have enough on your plate, let me be your spare hands.    

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